It is all About the Connection

The first Texas HERPS show of 2019 has come and gone, but what really stuck with us was the quality of people. We met and chatted with so many passionate, amazing vendors, show-goers, and staff.

Thanks to everyone who came by to see an axanthic crested gecko in person, purchase new members of the family, and pick up some dry goods.

We are looking forward to vending future shows, definitely planning on having a bigger showing of our monitors as well as crested geckos, skinks, carnivorous plants, hissers, and both Stella the rescue bearded dragon and Freckles the not-so-ball ball python.

We would love to hear your feedback! What do you want to see more of – pets like Stella, bioactive cages, sterile cages, educational information & brochures, more variety of animals available? Let us know and be sure to come by and see us!

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