Axanthic Crested Gecko Project

January 24, 2018

In simple terms – axanthic is characterized by lacking yellow pigment.

Axanthic crested geckos, with their unfired gray, pure white whites, and if you are lucky – near black fire, are the result of a recessive gene only recently proven by Brian at Altitude Exotics. These gray geckos appeared on the mainstream social media in 2014 when Brian acquired UK based Katherine Durtnell’s lot of, at that point, unproven axanthic geckos.

Recessive genes are a fascination of ours, and here at Method Noir Exotics we are working in certain traits such as Super Stripe and pinstripe with the axanthic gene. We’ll even be experimenting with Lilly Whites and axanthics so stay tuned to our website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for more media on these awesome little geckos!

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