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April 3, 2019

Welcome Patrons!

We’re so excited to welcome you to the Method Noir Exotics Patreon page! We’ve been working on it for a…

March 20, 2019

Repticon – ReptiCan!

I love reptile shows. I love the people who come and ask questions. I love the vendors and sharing stories with fellow keepers. We need less politics and more community. Most of all – it is for the animals and proliferating beneficial care.

March 8, 2019

Plant Processing – Making Local Plants Reptile Safe

One of the greatest parts of owing reptiles and amphibians is creating beautiful enclosures. Places like Josh’s Frogs, The Bio…

March 7, 2019

Pos Het Axanthic – Say What??

A majority of the messages we receive are regarding genetics – especially recessive carriers: visual vs het vs pos het…

February 22, 2019

Crested Geckos and UVB – Oh My!

Pros: Increased appetite, growth, activity, lifespan due to natural vitamin D3 Cons: Done improperly could harm the animal’s eyes &…

February 13, 2019

11 Common Acronyms Every Herper Should Know

Ever been scrolling on Facebook looking at all of the pretty reptiles posted across social media and come across something…

January 29, 2019

It is all About the Connection

The first Texas HERPS show of 2019 has come and gone, but what really stuck with us was the quality…

March 11, 2018

Super Simple Genetics

Simplified terms for those who want a basic understanding of reptile genetics. Much of the crested gecko genetics have not…